Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Why am I still awake?

Today has been a day from.... At this point I don't care.

Let's back up. Late Monday evening, I mean LATE, I started (key word here) the update process for my phone (iPhone). Went to bed and got up just in time for best pest to come spray the house for those annoying and creepy 6-8 legged creatures that tend to come in from time to time. While the guy was spraying, I picked up where I left off. Mind you that this is 10 am. By 1 pm my phone was still NOT updated, but had also crashed and my laptop frozen. Just great. So manually rebooted both, laptop fine, phone was set back to factory settings and unable to do anything. Got everything going again and it then took til 4:45 pm to be done. Unacceptable. Completely unacceptable as my cell phone is my business phone. I couldn't use it til almost 5. What if someone wanted to order something and didn't have my home phone #?

Did my thing for the rest of the day. Feed girls and husband and myself, take the dog out, put girls to bed, etc. after the girls are in bed, i tend to stay up a bit later (11 pm or later). So at 11:30 I head towards bed where hubby is already fast asleep. Playing games on my phone as usual and it crashes again mid game. It tries to load again, but fails. This goes on for 20-30 min (by this time it's 1:30 am) I call my carriers "emergency" line. The rep wants me to do everything I've already tried. She then tells me she will put in a "commitment" for apple to call me either between 10-11 am or any time after noon. I'm beyond mad at this point. And can't sleep. It finally took a dose of Xanax and a shot of benedryl to put me out at 4 am. And I have to be up at 7.

At 8:50 am while I'm racing around the house trying to find a coat for makenzie (it was in hubby's truck) I get a call asking if I had talked with apple yet. Ummmm.... NO!

I'm then late dropping makenzie off at preschool. I go and get a few things at Walmart (dog food, a good supply of caffeine, etc.) and then I'm late to pick makenzie up from preschool.

Get home, feed the girls. Quiet time/nap time. Time for mommy to rest.

Think again.

I'm laying on the couch about ready to fall asleep myself, when my phone goes off. It's the same lady from my carrier seeing if I had talked to apple yet. No, I have not bc they haven't called me yet. She then proceeds to tell me that they aren't going to and that she is from the commitment team from my carrier. I ripped her a new one. She puts me through to an automated line for apple where they want to charge me $29.95 + tax for a one time help. Not going to happen. I call my carrier and get an apple rep on the phone where the jerk off proceeds to tell me that the problem isn't through the update i did the day before and that I should plug my phone back into the laptop and restore to factory settings again, lose everything again, risk having my phone crash again (3-4th time in a 2-3 month time frame) to see if that fixes the problem. All while never letting me finish explaining what's truly wrong. And no one seemed to care that this is my business and my business phone, my home phone number is not on the back of my truck, my cell phone number is.

By this time, the girls are up and ready to go some more.

Then at 6 we took makenzie to wednesday night church where she is in a small class of kids her age. Pick her up and got both girls to bed.

Before we left church, I took Jocelyn over to one of my old high school math teachers table (we eat supper at the church before the kids things start), and showed Jocelyn the 9 day old baby my old teacher had just had last Monday. She was so excited. And she tried to rock the carrier he was in, she looked at his toes, and tried to put his sock back on. She did really well. She kept saying "baby" "baby", and couldn't stop looking at him. It was too cute.

Ward then asks if I ever did his laundry so he could have clean pants for work tomorrow. Oops! I thought I had dreamt that in my 3 hours of sleep. So I did a load of laundry.

Now here I am, nearly 21 hours later still wide awake. WTH?!


  1. Sounds familiar....I tell people that I'll get lots of sleep when I'm dead. They look at me like I'm nuts.


  2. I've tried that, doesn't seem to fly real well. Something about being healthy...