Monday, March 18, 2013

What they DON'T tell you

So I was coming to the end of my pregnancy with Jocelyn, and I was going over the various forms of birth control in my head. I knew I was going to try to find a job as a medical assistant as soon as I could, and being a busy mom of two young girls was going to be tricky. I had heard so many bad side effects of the depo shot, and I didn't want to risk forgetting to take a pill, so I opted to get the mirena iud. I had it inserted at my six week post partum check up, January 2010. Everything was great (except for an ovarian cyst in march) until August if that year.

Shortly after being let go from my job at check n go, I started have severe right sided pain. I dealt with the pain for 3 days, before I decided to go to the emergency room. Where I was admitted and had an exploratory laparoscopy surgery done then next day. They found nothing, but free flowing fluid in my pelvic area, and my right ovary was removed after the Fallopian tube started to tear during the surgery. Otherwise, there was no evidence of anything being wrong with me. So I was sent home.

The pain started again in February 2011. I went back to the dr, thinking maybe my mirena had slipped out of place. Which it hadn't, so I was sent to my primary physician, with the thought that maybe my gallbladder was starting to act up. I went through a battery of tests, ultrasounds, blood work, the works. Everything was coming back mostly normal, though an ultrasound of my gallbladder did show a little bit of abnormality. I was then referred to a general surgeon. Even he wasn't convinced that it was my gallbladder. So he put me though another battery of tests, this time, he put a scope down my throat, only to find slight evidence of gerd. Between February and June of 2011, I lost 25 lbs.

Finally, in June 2011, my gallbladder was removed. I felt so much better.

Then August rolls around. And the migraines started. So back to the dr I went. I was in and out of the dr office and immediate care, every month. So I finally decided to get the mirena removed, hoping it would help with the migraines. So out it came January 2012.

The migraines didn't get better.

February and march 2012, I broke out in a horrible rash on my face. I had used nothing new, so the painful itchiness of this rash was so annoying, I finally went in after a week of trying various OTC itch creams and moisturizers to try and relieve the pain and itch. They ended up doing a punch biopsy of the rash. Days later, I went to have the stitches removed, and after being told the dr didn't know where the results from the biopsy were, I went home, and a few hours later, the dr called and told me that they had found the biopsy results and it was positive for discoid lupus.

I wanted a second opinion. So I saw a dermatologist and a rheumatologist. The dermatologist didn't think it was discoid lupus, but just a rash that was a reaction to what I had been using to wash my face (the same stuff I had been using since I hit puberty). The rheumatologist just ran some more tests. But everything pointed to discoid lupus and low vitamin d.

Now for some tmi.

Within the last few months, I've started bleeding abnormally. So last night I started doing some research. I found that not only is it possible for me to have a residual low progesterone (which causes headaches, pain period cramps, anxiety, depression, hair loss) but also silicone poisoning (which causes hair loss, headaches, anxiety, depression, and more).

But during further research, I found, that in rare cases, the mirena iud can cause gallbladder disease, and after removal, autoimmune disease symptoms, usually relating to ms, lupus or rheumatoid arthritis.

So, ladies, or gents, please, heed my warning. Do very extensive research before getting the mirena iud. Know the side effects for both after its inserted as well as after its removed. Be aware, that your doctor will try and talk you out of getting it removed, bc "there's no way the mirena can cause those symptoms". Get on parenting sites, other blogs, and hear other women's stories, both good and bad. But know, that the makers of mirena, Bayer, has not put all of these side effects to public knowledge. They are hiding all of this information from us. If you or anyone you know, is considering getting the mirena, do your research. I'm open to questions, but also don't be afraid to talk to your dr, but don't be surprised when you don't get all the information.

My migraines still come every month, I still have phantom gallbladder pains, and I have only had one other "lupus" attack. I'm still doing research on everything. But I'm almost positive that this is what's causing all my symptoms.

Please, PLEASE, do your research.