Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Here we go again...

So completely unexpectedly, I was awoken about 5:30 am this morning (not quite 4 hours after I had fallen asleep. To one of my kids crying. After listening to see which one it was, I figured out it was Makenzie, in the hallway bathroom. I went in and checked on her and she said her tummy hurt like she was going to be sick. We waited about 15-20 min before deciding to camp out in the living room til Jocelyn woke up. Well not long after, she threw up in the trash can I had put next to her. Wonderful. She stayed up and watched cartoons the rest of the morning, while running back and forth to the bathroom to have it come out the opposite end.

I then fought her to take a nap since she had been up so long. She never threw up again.

While all this was going on, I was fighting a migraine and ended up napping on the couch for about 30 min while the girls played and watched tv.

Ward came home and I ran some errands since I didn't risk getting out of the house with Kenzie running to the bathroom at least once an hour.

Came home, finished supper, and ended up having to go back to the store for more milk. Put the girls to bed and now I'm waiting for my migraine meds to kick in so I can try and get to bed since I have to be up around 7 to see if Kenzie is well enough to go to school tomorrow.

But that's my day in a nutshell.

Monday, November 14, 2011

got it figured out!

On Thursday, of all days, I started feeling a migraine coming on. I took some excedrin migraine and it tamed the pain. That was also the day Jocelyn, my baby, turned 2. Makenzie puked all over my herself in my moms car, after telling me all day that her tummy hurt, she never said she felt like she was going to get sick, just that she had to go to the bathroom, so I let her go to dance, my mom drove her since I still had a bit of a migraine and didn't want to risk driving while in that much pain. So, no sooner than they pulled back into the driveway that Makenzie let loose.

Friday, still had a migraine. Not much else happened.

Saturday, my migraine kicked itself into high gear. But I had to push past it in order to get ready for Sunday. So I took excedrin migraine and went about cleaning the house.

Sunday, woke up with the migraine yet again, day 4. But I took excedrine migraine and then went to Thanksgiving lunch at my parents church (we will be out of state for actual Thanksgiving so this was our only chance to celebrate with my parents). Came home, I baked cupcakes, continued cleaning, frosted the cupcakes, and then relaxed for about 30 min before our "birthday guests" started to show up. And when I say birthday guests, I mean, my in laws, my grandparent-in-laws, and my parents. Small, simple, nothing over the top and extravagant, she's 2!

Once everyone left, we finally got to relax. At that point, my back started to spasm and the migraine came on full force. Almost to the point of tears. But my loving husband rubbed the back of my neck and i put a heat pad on both my back and my neck (at separate times) and went to bed.

Then the alarm went off at 7 am. I hit snooze til 8, but I had to be up to get the girls up, ready and out of the house to have makenzie to preschool by 9. And I STILL had my migraine. So after I dropped Makenzie off, I called my OB/GYN. I called her bc I'm tired of calling my primary dr's arnp and being told i need to go see a neurologist EVERY MONTH since August. They last about 7-10 days. So knowing that i've gotten these migraines every month for the last few months, I figured a key part of the migraines was my chosen birth control method. But according to my OB/GYN's nurse, since I have the Mirena, i'm not getting the fluxuating amount of hormones that the birth control pills, and that the Mirena has nothing to do with my headaches.

Now, lets back up to friday again. At one point during the afternoon, my mom told me that when she was on birth control, she would get the same massive migraines, as did her mother. So, family history of migraines with birth controll.

Back to today. I suffered through both girls crying, being cranky and not listening, and once hubby got home, i decided to go to the immediate care clinic. Where it so happened that my primary dr was the dr working the clinic. I mentioned all the same things i've mentioned to everyone else. and she finally gave me the relief i've been needing and the reassurance that i'm not the only one and it's not in my head.

What did she tell me? Menstral migraines. I know, I know. TMI, but someone finally took me seriously. I knew I didn't need to see a neurologist. I just needed to get the migraine medicine that has worked for me over the past few months. And she willingly gave me a script for it. I was so relieved and happy I almost cried. No joke. And to think, my primary dr answered all my questions, gave me options for other birth controll methods, plus told me that if i'm having this severe of headaches with the Mirena, it would be much worse on the pill. I love my dr.

I'm gonna call it a night on my ramblings.