Saturday, December 3, 2011

The joys of children

So after a VERY long thanksgiving trip, we started the week off with the usual, dropping makenzie off at preschool, and Jocelyn and I ran errands. Monday evening, ward noticed that our golden retriever coach's right ear was really swollen and warm. So Tuesday, we got him into the vet that afternoon. Turns out he busted a blood vessel in his ear and surgery was the only way to fix it. So we decided to neuter him at the same time.

Also, Tuesday morning, makenzie had a surgery of her own. She had 3 cavities filled, plus a baby root canal, and then they capped the tooth they did the root canal on. She was a real trooper the whole time.

Coach had surgery on Wednesday and we were able to bring him home on Thursday and he's been a real lazy boy since.

On Thursday (2 days after makenzie had her ordeal) makenzie started saying that her throat hurt when she swallowed certain foods. So we went back to the soft food diet that she had been on Tuesday. And by Friday, she was not even able to swallow applesauce, it hurt so bad. I took her to the dr to get a strep test done, which was negative. And once we saw the dr, the dr showed me very large blisters on the back of makenzies throat. She (the dr) explained to me that it's a variation of foot and mouth.

Before we found out what was going on with makenzie, she had been waking up at least once if not more, just crying bc she was in so much pain she couldn't sleep. And then last night she was up 3 times between 10 pm and midnight. So I called the dr this morning and explained what was going on, and she called out a stronger perscription pain med (loritab) for bedtime so that her and I can both sleep.

So needless to say my week has been hectic, and painful.

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